Advanced Developers.Net is a technology company founded in 1994. It has been serving the business community of Puerto Rico for years, with cutting edge “one stop” software solutions created with the user in mind, to achieve a more competitive, streamlined and cost-efficient administration of your workforce

Our experienced team works day by day with professionalism and enthusiasm, allowing us to provide a personalized service to comply with the expectations and needs of our clients. We provide a dedicated Help Desk where our highly trained customer care team is on hand to help you at all times with computer programming solutions that include products from Microsoft, Intuit, Best Software and others.

Our Passion

Advance our clients, help them in every way. Transform our ideas from concept to finished product, while investing in the hottest technology. Accomplish our goals by satisfying every customer. To grow individually and as a company.

Our Mission

To deliver technology solutions that help every business of every size achieve superior operational performance while providing an exceptional consumer experience and keeping payroll costs under control.

Our Vision

To be a company so remarkable that people want to work for, so outstanding that people want to buy from, and so well-organized that people want to invest in.

Governing principles and core values

The sucess of our business explicitly derives from the following principles

  • In God we trust
  • Teams of Winners: We understand our combined challenges and opportunities; we choose to work together for the accomplishment of greater goals and aspirations. We know that our employees are our more important assets, and ethics are our most basic and fundamental aspects
  • Clientele for Life: Customers for life are those that cherish their business relationship with us because of the value and results that they receive from us. Our products and services are a fundamental piece of our customers daily tasks
  • Ideas in Action: Obstacles are meant to be overcome, vision and dreams are not. Balance an enthusiasm for starting anything that is possible with a requirement to finish everything that is started. Evolve constantly, which requires agility and judgment, never take a risk for which you cannot be accountable. Always demonstrate the driving force and commitment to ask better questions, and ultimately deliver better ideas.
  • Respect and Honor: Honesty is the foundation for a relationship; we will be honest with our clients. We will respect, act ethically and honorably, and be committed in all that we do for each other, our customers, our shareholders and our employees. Respect and honor are an unwritten code that drives us to hold ourselves and each other in the highest regard, both inside and outside of our company. Respect and honor produce integrity and reliability in all that we do.

Other solutions requires the use of third party software


Only Easy Payroll Perform 100% of your Daily Tasks


Our Team Leaders

We prepare custom-made solutions to cover the specific needs of each client. Our well-known and easy-to-use program Easy Payroll has placed ADVDEV.NET at the top of the technology companies on the island. Most of our clients are placed among the Top 400 Locally Owned Businesses in Puerto Rico.

You will sense it throughout a sales presentation. You will experience it at a product development meeting. You will hear it in their voices, feel it in their handshakes, and see it in their eyes. In every department, at every meeting, inside every room in our office, it is distinctive. It is passion and it permeates everything we do.

Advanced Developers.Nets core values were carefully chosen to be a set of leading principles on which our people can always depend. Our people rely on the strength of our values and we rely on the strength of our people. Our values guide us through every decision we make, every relationship we build, and every transaction we make

Edwin Blancovitch


We have what it takes to get the Job Done!

Patti O. Blancovitch


Amazing customer service is our competitive advantage!

Walter Acosta

Technical Router and Customer Support

Believer of justice and patient for what is proposed.

Emian B. Estrada

Administrative Assistant and Sales Specialist

"Action is the foundational key to all success"

Emanuel Alvarado

Trainer and Customer Support

"Customer service is the personality of the company and why customers come back"

Julia Rita

Trainer and Customer Support

"Customer service is the personality of the company and why customers come back"