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Advanced Developers.Net is a technology company founded in 1994. It has been serving the business community of Puerto Rico for over 16 years, with cutting edge “one stop” software solutions created with the user in mind, to achieve a more competitive, streamlined and cost-efficient administration of your workforce
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Success stories and testimonials.

Why Easy Payroll makes sense for your business

01 Sep
Deploying Easy Payroll iPUNCH.. Awesome app that works in android, iPhone,iPad where your employees can punch in/out and it fully integrates with our Scheduler
28 Apr
The introduction of new security enhancements to enter the Human Resources program that prevents unauthorized changing data of employees.
05 Aug
New functionality, Disable Printing, provides access to users who are responsible for printing the payroll.
15 Jul
Allow New Entries in the dates of Payroll Period, With this tool you can enter payroll data that are within a payroll already paid. It is designed for special cases.