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Payroll Processing
  • Affordable Administration without limits: Easy payroll was created with the idea that any business from small to complicated can have a full payroll solution . . .
  • Accurate Processing: Automatically generates all government required documentation, including federal and state tax fillings; and calculates fringe benefits such as Christmas bonus, vacations and sick leave, fully customizable for your company mandatory decree.
  • Automatic Reporting and Compliance: creates ACH, ASCII and other direct deposit files, as well as check payments
The core functionality of a payroll system, starting from creating employees and paying the employees in different ways, as well as creating and submitting tax reports and payroll forms to government agencies is what Easy Payroll Professional is all about
Streamlined Administration
  • Create and edit unlimited number of Employees.
  • Create and edit unlimited number of Earnings, Deductions and Employer Contribution types, with different calculation types including Hourly Rate, Fixed Amount, Percentage and Tax table.
  • Assign Limits to Taxes and Deductions.
  • Create and Edit unlimited Jobs, Phases and Cost Codes.
  • Create and edit unlimited number of Departments, Positions and General Ledger accounts.
  • Create an unlimited amount of Workers Compensation Codes.
  • Create users and passwords with restriction to different areas.
  • Select from a range of pay periods such as daily, weekday, weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and annually, that can be set for each Employee.
  • Assign paychecks to Job costing.
  • Search, filter and print using several methods.
  • Access Employee data from the paycheck form, and browse employees with different sort and filters.
  • Configurable in all aspects.
Federal and State Tax Filings, Documentation
  • Process and Print W2 reports for employees updated and approved annually from the State Treasury Department.
  • Print directly from the software, all Payroll Returns including 941PR, 940PR, 499PR, 499R3, etc.
  • Create the required Electronic Files to submit to government agencies.
  • Create the ACH, ASCII and other direct deposit files.
  • Includes State Tax calculation formulas for the PRTAX
  • Convert all your time tickets with an automatic payroll wizard to create Payroll by Jobs.
  • Easily attach your Time Sheet data in the paycheck form while creating any manual entry
  • Select from different check types and from different direct deposit evidence stubs.
  • Automatically Calculate accrued benefits from each pay check and maintain an updated employee file.
  • Create and print direct deposits evidence and check stubs in a batch or any single check
  • Pull in transactions into bank reconciliation and update with bank transactions automatically using ACH files.
  • Create Payroll Cost Graphs by Department, Year, Positions, Jobs, Phases, Sex, etc.
  • Manually override paycheck taxes, earnings or deductions from the paycheck data entry form.