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Easy Payroll (IVR)
  • Uses advanced telephony driven by Interactive Voice Response technology to validate employee time and attendance.
  • Automatically transfer punch to ouAutomatically transfer punch to our payroll, human resources, scheduler and billing modules.
  • Includes a full-featured messaging, yes the punches can be entered by a phone call or by optional text mesaging.
Easy Payroll Phone Clock is optimized to manage their field staffs from a centralized location. If your employees can get to a phone, you can eliminate the inefficiencies of paper-based timesheets and manual check-in/check-out processes
Eaasy Payroll State of the art IVR , Automatic data collection.
  • Works directly in real-time with other Easy Payroll Solutions.
  • Can be used anywhere we provide local phones lines so your employees have access to a local telephone line, reducing extra costs (no internet access is required).
  • Eliminates buddy-punching, time theft and unauthorized overtime.
  • Enables on-the-fly scheduling and re-scheduling.
  • Automatic reconciliation of payroll and billing.
  • Easy to use–only Easy to use only, minimal training is required.
  • Interactive voice prompts guide employees through the reporting process.
  • Customizable promCustomizable promts with your own voice (additional charges apply).
  • Complements and integrates with Easy Payroll time collection and verification solutions that use the internet, desktop computers, digital appliances, biometric devices, badge readers and other electronic means to create a fully-automated and comprehensive workforce management system.
Test for yourself in Spanish or English
  • You can try our IVR with the following steps.
  • Call the following number in English (787) 986-7322.
  • Call the following number in Spanish (787) 476-7021.
  • The system will give you a greeting and will ask for your employee number (this is for testing purposes).
  • You can enter any number from 5 to 7 digits, after you enter the number type the # key on your phone.
  • The system will ask for a confirmation.
  • Thats all, you have succesfully created a punch in our IVR system.